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The services I currently offer are:

Plain language and impartial advice

I didn't pay much attention in computer class when we were told how to talk nonsense, spout jargon and confuse people, so unfortunately that's one part of the service I can't provide. You'll have to make do with understandable language and explanation or advice in a sensible manner.

Security, anti-virus & proactive set up

There are all sorts of methods one can employ to keep a computer safe and secure, not just using a firewall and anti-virus. Making sure Windows and any security programs are kept up-to-date is a must, as well as turning off any parts of Windows that aren't being used. Switching to a safer web site browser and email program help a lot too, as can employing a few anti-spyware programs to keep an eye on parts which anti-virus doesn't (but probably should).

I offer a Web Filtering Service which can help prevent unforseen downloading of spyware/viruses and block web site annoyances such as pop-up advertisements. This service is updated regularly and is a very effective method of making sure that any programs you download are safe and that web site browsing has as few distractions as possible

Disaster recovery planning and backup

Proactive Services can provide a backup system for simple home requirements or small businesses/organisations. At the click of a button all the files are stored safely and are easily recoverable should any accident occur. The system can even be set to work automatically when the computer is shut down, so once it is installed, the computer user need not give the backing up of files a second thought, or spend valuable time on this important task.

Troubleshooting & proactive maintenance

The best way to keep a computer running smoothly and safely, after setting it up correctly, is proactive maintenance. Spending a little time now and then can save a lot of effort later on. Equipment can be malfunctioning for weeks, even telling the computer so, without any obvious signs before it gives up the ghost completely; all it takes is an important fan to fail or jam and heat does the rest. A malicious program can take advantage of a loop hole that was closed months ago and do all sorts of damage, but not if someone is looking out for these things once in a while.

I can provide a regular maintenance service that checks these things and a lot more and would usually advise a service of this nature once a month. Using a remote control program and the Internet I can do all the necessary work from my systems without even having to put a pair of shoes on, which saves on polish. This remote control method can also be employed if you have computer problems and can still access the Internet, which saves us both time - I could fix the problem faster than it'd take me to get there if I had to visit!

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5th May 2015.
Adam Piggott, Proprietor.

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