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This web site is hand-written using Sc1, following the World Wide Web Consortium's HTML 4.01 and CSS2 specifications so that the content can be clearly understood by all web browsers. It is also has an ICRA label (below) to show that the content is suitable for all ages.

You'll notice that some text has dotted underlines and some have solid underlines. These are for expansion of acronyms/abbreviations and definition of technical terms respectively; point the mouse pointer over the text for a few moments and the relevant information will be displayed. I think if I type "RAM" in this page the computer may explode as it needs both expansion and definition. :-)

Through the use of consistent and clear navigation aids and general layout, appropriate use of colour and tidy, clean code I believe that the site conforms to the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0 "Triple-A" standards and may bear the appropriate logo. If you find any reason why it does not please contact me. From time to time there may be pages that do not bear this logo and will not confirm so; this should only be in the short-term while I'm finding out a more accessible way of displaying a page, during which I can probably be found poring over a specification in a caffiene-induced stupour.

If you have any comments or suggestions (criticisms are only accepted on days that don't end in "y") please impart them.

1st August 2007.
Adam Piggott, Proprietor.

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